Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Another taste of horus

I picked up a fw event fig at adepticon this year.  It's a nice sculpt.  I haven't painted any horus in awhile and he looked like a perfect candidate.  I sculpted an eye on the knee pad and went a little darker this time around.  I probably add some lettering to the little streamers later


  1. Lovely work, Rich. The subtle conversions are great too!

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  3. Nice model! I like the SoH version of this miniature.

  4. thanks, guys. i actually enjoyed working on this one.

  5. Amazing work, nice sculpt and great painting. The sons of Hours colors works fantastic with this model.

    Your SoH versions are my favorites. Could you tell how you did the green armour? Is it coal black? Which color have you used to light it up?

    1. Thanks. My formula keeps changing, mostly due to the fact I forget to write them down. For this guy I went with a black primer. Then I airbrushed the overall highlights with white. Scale75 has come out with a color called hellbound flesh. It's a close match to my mix. That's my base. The shadows are coal black and the highlights are menoth white. Hope that helps.