Thursday, August 2, 2012

started this one last night. one of chris borer's cool minis. if it looks familiar, he won a demon last year with it. i hope to do it justice.

i finally got a chance to sit down to update post gamesday. what a blast, the event itself isn't that exciting to me. but it's great to see my fellow painters again and meet some new ones. first off, lets talk demons. i was impressed that they put us right in the middle with some glass showcases, not the scuffed old plexiglass from previous years. i never got a good look at the entries, due to the line which was long all day. i was really happy with my two demons, a gold for my nurgle, and a bronze for my goblin. there were some great entries this year and i'm bummed gw isn't posting them on their site. todd's sword winner was awesome. so much conversion work just to take her cloths off. well worth it i say. great job. i was hoping to get something done for gen con but i think i just stop in Saturday for a visit.