Friday, March 2, 2012

finecast sucks

it sucks. i've been holding my tongue for awhile to give them a chance to fix some issues. but come on. i just got the new vamp girl in the mail last week and what a piece of resin junk. her mouth was full of resin and had a big hole in her chin. all the flowers on her dress were flattened. the whole thing had a gritty texture. i called to express my feelings about it. gw customer service is always nice and sent out a new one right away. it arrived today. well, the face is much better, but the end of her nose is missing, the left eye has a bubble on it, and all the pointy bits on her armor are gone. i'm not sure what to do. i hate to call again but i had hoped to paint her for the demons. if i have to spend time sculpting new parts just to make it look like the box , i might as well sculpt my own fig. oh well rant over for now.

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